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    Well, I've searched and cannot find the answer to this one, so a little help from the pros would be very welcome.
    I recently bought a 32GB data card for my 9800 and copied, or tried to copy, most of the contents of an older, smaller 16GB card on to the new card, using MS Explorer and my laptop's card reader. I tried to do it file by file, for some reason.
    It looks like I really screwed this up: not only did some media files end up in the wrong folders on the new card, my ringtones folder on the old card was somehow divided up between the 9800 device internal memory and the new card installed in the 9800.
    Thus, when I try to change sounds on the device, I can't seem to access, or even see, many of the ringtones I laboriously downloaded from the CB files.
    Is there a way to combine these two ringtone folders into one folder on the new card? I'd like to have them back the way they were, if possible. Or, must I do the erase and recopy deal?
    01-05-11 11:02 PM
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    Make a new folder on your desktop, put in your old SD card(if you want to use your PC's card reader that's fine) press control + a to copy all, then drag the entire contents of the old card to the already created folder on your pc. Repeat the process for the new card also, and also the BB internal memory(plug in the BB to your PC and press USB mode on the BB screen and open the folder called ringtones on your pc)

    Next, put in the new card in your pc, and doing the above process in reverse order copy over the entire contents of the folder on your pc into the new card, if there is duplicates it will ask you if you want to replace or copy over. I suggest replacing or merging.
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    01-06-11 07:34 AM
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    Easier way is to use desktop manager drag and drop method! Although the new 6.0 desktop sucks so i still use 5.0 easier and more useful.
    01-06-11 07:40 AM
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    You cant use Dm 5.0 with a 9800 so above post is useless.
    01-06-11 07:44 AM
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    So, just to be clear: the old card contents, the new card contents, and the device memory contents are all put into the new folder and then the contents of the new folder are all copied to the new card?
    I think even I can do this. Many thanks.
    01-06-11 11:41 AM