1. Glamx's Avatar
    I'm exchanging my torch for the iphone 4 and I want to have all my contacts, pictures, etc erased. Could someone tell me how please?
    11-23-10 11:15 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    Download bbsak and click wipe device
    Or goto your options menu and do a security wipe.

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    11-23-10 11:17 PM
  3. aznlgcy's Avatar
    Go to options > security > security wipe.

    Sorry that the Torch didn't meet your needs or expectations enjoy your iphone 4
    11-23-10 11:18 PM
  4. zoom--zoom's Avatar
    hehe one on one
    I came from the Icrap4(iPhone) to THE TORCH and to be honest i will never go back to and Iphone of any kind even if is iphone16313732423
    11-24-10 01:25 AM