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    i hope someone can help me!!

    the problem..

    I have a blackberry curve 8900 which has stopped working (frozen on home screen- possible water damage) so i tried to back up my messages from that phone to my Blackberry torch 9800, i had only intended to bring over the messages!!!

    i used the bb desktop software to do the back up from one phone to the other, however after the back up was complete it seems ive lost everything from my torch and all has been replaced with everything which was on the curve!!! :'(
    i have never backed up my torch before so have no back up copy of any data stored on the torch. Even my applications etc seem to be displayed as they was on the curve :S e.g. when i try to delete an email message, before the torch gave me the option of deleting jus of the handheld or both hand held and inbox, however since the back up it only says delete.. this is just one small example of the many problems i'm having with using my torch now

    Is there any way i can undo this back up without having to restore my phone to factory settings??!! and get it to display things as a torch not curve!! or anyway i can get back everything that was on te torch before i done the back up??

    any help is highly appreciated!!!

    thank you in advance!
    07-20-11 05:02 AM
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    You can restore the data from the 9800 that you made just before restoring the data from your 8900. Then restore the Messages folder from the 8900 backup set.

    Unfortunately there is no way to rollback a restore if there is nothing to rollback to.
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    07-20-11 05:10 AM
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    thanks..so what ur saying is as i have never backed up my torch prior to this, i've permanently lost everything i had on the torch before i done the back up from the curve???
    07-20-11 05:21 AM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Yes. That's correct. If you do not have a backup from your Torch, then you have permanently lost that data.
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    07-20-11 05:43 AM