11-26-10 12:06 PM
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  1. realcanuk's Avatar
    No it is not the original theme. But I always had 4x4, when orignal too. I am recieving a new phone tomorrow and will check it before I touch anything. Let you know on that one.

    It is possible that i didnt notice. The original theme takes more screen space and maybe thats why text is cut off.
    11-16-10 01:10 PM
  2. Baggman's Avatar
    I figured it out. Options => Accessiblity => HomeScreenGridLayout. Mine is set to "Default" but I assume "4" will work just as well. If I set mine to "3" then I see what you see.
    I switched mine to 3, didn't like it, and spent 30 mins looking to switch it back and came here for the answer!!
    11-26-10 02:07 AM
  3. Technerd.McLeod's Avatar
    I have 16 icons when I revert back to the standard OS6 theme. If you don't even have 4 icons across then go to Options>>Accessibility>>Home Screen Grid Layout: (5 Options) Default (For the theme I'm pretty sure), 1 Column, 2 Columns, 3 Columns and 4 columns. If you already had 4 icons across, I have no idea whats wrong.
    11-26-10 07:04 AM
  4. Spawn12's Avatar
    I also have the 4x4 icons row...the bottom row doesnt show the text unless i scroll down a bit....its been like that from day one as wel...well to be honest i changed it to 4x4 rows in the options menu.

    Heres my screenshot as well

    First one is the standard view when i open the tray:

    Second one is scroll down a line:

    Third one is the bottom of the tray:

    But i still have the 4x4 icon row and like i said i set that through the options...somewhere in there i think.
    11-26-10 07:34 AM
  5. tadh's Avatar
    i have 4 rows of 4 icons and i see the text on the bottom 4, how do i take a screen shot to upload?
    11-26-10 11:48 AM
  6. tadh's Avatar
    11-26-10 12:03 PM
  7. tadh's Avatar
    donno why imgur wont display the capture
    11-26-10 12:04 PM
  8. tadh's Avatar
    11-26-10 12:06 PM
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