1. melvin86's Avatar
    hey guy i need some help not sure if its software or phone problem.i just bought a tourch if haveing problems

    1)my touch screen get jam not working
    2)while typeing a msg or instant msg keybord on my torch goes crazy the A button keep on jumping even im pressing others,
    3) i need 2 resart the phone than it will be ok for few hours
    4)my slider is dam tide 2 push up....

    please let me noe thanks
    09-19-10 01:16 PM
  2. DaBear5's Avatar
    This was sort of hard to understand but from what I got out of it you shoud reinstall the OS and if that doesn't work bring it back and get a replacment.
    09-19-10 02:27 PM
  3. ibcop's Avatar
    How about upgrading the OS to .225?
    09-19-10 02:35 PM
  4. colorbrandon's Avatar
    Definitely sounds like you're running old software. Plug your torch into your computer, download desktop manager 6 off RIM's website, and then upgrade to at least .214.

    The slider being too tight is another issue altogether--an issue some people would rather have with their phones.
    09-19-10 02:41 PM