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    hey, i just got a torch, think i may stick with it still unsure, came from iphone as i was sick of it going slow after apples complex coding to make it go slow in their updates =/ , im on vodafone though which seams to be my first error as the signal is poor indoors at home or is that a bb torch thing? its fine everywhere else.
    i cant find a theme to suit me really, thought about creating my own, do i need to i.e jail break it or something to tweak things or do rim let you do what you like with it? im liking the whole drag and drop again after 4 years of apple syncing i dont feel like paying for a theme, as the free ones i downloaded off app world were crap to be honest, so i dont expect paid to be much better, unless anyone has something simple with phone and text quicklaunch on homepage they can recommend, id like to see screen shots tho :O.

    iv found the apps pretty much suck for gaming, no angrybirds =/ lol

    anyways sorry for all questions, and thanks in advance for help
    05-06-11 04:51 AM
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    You do not need to jailbreak the phone; there are many operating system updates (for free) some are leaked and some are from the phone carriers themselves.

    As for themes, there is a theme forum here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f16/

    In the theme forum, there are both free and paid themes- there are even themes that emulate the iPhone and Android phones! One member, KahneFan, even went to the trouble of creating a thread of all the free themes available on this website. You can find this here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f220/fr...themes-610299/ If you're feeling particularly bold, you can even download files from RIM so that you can create your own themes.

    There is a blackberry equivalent to Angry Birds, called Angry Farm. It's $4.99 and has some mixed reviews.

    As for phone and text- i'm assuming you mean text as in SMS? There are icons for both of these features that you can move around to your homescreen. They are as follows:

    (icons labelled "phone" and "compose"...I believe composes defaults e-mail, so when you touch it, and it takes you to your Address Book to select a contact, highlight their name and click the BlackBerry button on the phone, selecting "send SMS Message" instead.)
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    Great there's just some simple things I'm missing l, I have worked out copy and paste but is there screenshot availiable on BB like iphone


    And anyway to minimise keyboard after I've typed on the web to see all the web?

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    05-06-11 05:16 AM
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    Oh IV just got softwareto create own theme where do I put complete file on BB device when I'm done thankyou

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    05-06-11 05:17 AM
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    To take a screenshot you need to download an app from AppWorld, or download an app called Quicklaunch, which also enables the screenshot feature.

    Theme files need to be .jad/.cod or .alx files, use Desktop Manager to install them (easiest for a newbie) using Application Loader, or upload them to a website and download them directly from your phone (ota/on the air download method). There are some detailed instructions on the forums if you use the search feature.

    Touch features will minimize the keyboard, or you can use the convenience key method I already offered.
    05-06-11 05:25 AM
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    the theme designer i found looks cool, need to learn to work it a little but im starting to create and test, ill post files on here if it works, cant believe how much you can personalise so gonna take some time :P thank you
    05-06-11 05:41 AM
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    And anyway to minimise keyboard after I've typed on the web to see all the web?

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    Just slide downward on the keyboard, and it minimizes (aka disappears).

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    05-06-11 06:46 AM