1. AbeAcheson's Avatar
    Hi, Im a new BB user and using my phone in UK - if I travel over the border to Southern Ireland I need to turn my whole internet/browser off so that I am not charged a fortune. What I have been doing is just turning my phone off, how do I turn my interent off?

    Thanks, Abe
    01-31-11 05:55 PM
  2. diaz1023's Avatar
    press the top of the screen (time) and it will take you to the manage conncections screen. press the mobile network options and turn off the data there. hope this helps
    01-31-11 06:01 PM
  3. AbeAcheson's Avatar
    Yes I have done this but I dont think it solves the problem of the internet still being on constant if you know what I mean? Maybe I am wrong :/
    01-31-11 06:07 PM
  4. pbflash's Avatar
    The browser app will always be open. There is no way to close it. Turning off data services will stop any data transfer so that is all you need to do.
    01-31-11 06:11 PM
  5. AbeAcheson's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply - I will do that next time then, but obviosuly means that I will not be able to txt unless I turn the network on again?

    Thanks, Abe
    02-01-11 12:34 PM