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    I was wondering if someone could help me, I just had a question about the messages icon on the torch, with regards to notifications. I was just wondering if the little red dot that indicates a new mail or notification, is supposed to appear on the icon for everything or if its just for emails. When I get emails the red dot appears on the icon and the new mail icon appears up top underneath the time as well.

    However when I get Facebook notifications the new Facebook notification icon appears up top underneath the time but the red dot doesn't appear on the messages icon even tho when you open up messages the Facebook notification is listed, so I was just wondering if this is normal or is something screwed up. Any help would be appreciated

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    10-05-10 01:57 PM
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    I think I noticed this on mu just today. I'm in vibrate mode here while I'm at work so I was not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. Hopefully it is a small glitch. I like the icon having a little red dot too.

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    10-05-10 02:21 PM
  3. Asator's Avatar
    well if im not the only one who noticed it then i guess thats a good sign. i have my profile on normal and it does it so i dont think the profile matters. can anyone else answer my question?
    10-05-10 07:39 PM
  4. houserichichi's Avatar
    Assuming it's doing what I think it's doing you can open up the Social Feeds application, press the BB button, click Options, Display, and then see if "Integrate with Message Applications" has a check beside it. I assume Facebook doesn't but the latter does.

    Did that make a difference?
    10-05-10 07:53 PM
  5. Asator's Avatar
    i went there and put a check beside "Integrate with Message Applications" and also checked below it notify on feed updates. and still whenever i get a facebook message that causes the notifier up top to pop up there still isnt a red dot on the messages icon. you have a torch, do you have a red dot on the icon whenever you get something other than an email?
    10-05-10 08:44 PM
  6. Clarkee's Avatar
    You must integrate everything with Messages to get the notifications on the Notification bar.
    10-05-10 09:00 PM
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    my problem is not with the notifications bar everything appears there. my question is that on the messages icon, should the red dot appear on the icon when you receive a new message or notification or does that only happen for getting emails. when you open the messages icon all the notifications from the notifications bar are there but theres no red dot on the messages icon that indicates new notifications, it is only there when i get emails, and my question is if the red dot only appears on the messages icon when a new email is received.
    10-05-10 09:07 PM
  8. houserichichi's Avatar
    Ohhh, I understand now. I thought you were referring to the feeds icon that appears in the update bar. I just texted myself online and the little red asterisk/dot thing appeared in both my Messages and Text Messages icon (I have texts going into Messages by default but un-hid the text message icon just to see if it showed up there too). Facebook follows suit - icon on the status bar up top with a red dot and the menu button also has the red dot.

    I'd suggest a battery pull but I imagine you've tried that already? I didn't even know that feature could be turned off.
    10-05-10 09:14 PM
  9. homer1475's Avatar
    I believe what your looking for is Inbox Management. If u open your "messages" icon and press the blackberry key, then scroll down to options, then go to inbox management. In those options there's a list of things that go into the msg list.. maybe.. maybe not.

    If i read your post correctly u are receiving the "new msg" icon with a star in the notification bar, but no star on your msg's icon? This could solve it.

    I personally don't use facebook so I'm not sure if that option is even there for that app, But you can chose what goes into that folder be it email, txt msg's, or visual voicemail(in my case). I unchecked one of them and i don't get the star in the msg's icon if i receive one of those type msg's but still get the star on the notification bar as well as a star on the app its associated with.
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    10-05-10 09:34 PM
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    ya i went there and the only options i have are my email address and text messages. facebook isnt even listed there for me anyways what about you. so i guess maybe its just not supposed to be associated with it then
    10-05-10 10:13 PM