1. AshionBB's Avatar
    Hello i amde a post about the condition of my USED BB TORCH !! i bough this phone 3 days ago!! Trough Craiglist!!

    I unlock this phone and called AT&T to ask about the IMEI! The girl told me it was Free to use! and i ask here if whenever i wanted to go to any AT&T and Register it i could?? And she say Yes!! I WAS EXITED

    But today to double check i called AT&T Againg! now a guy picked up!! I ask the same Thing!!! He check the IMEI and now he said that it was attached to an account!! I ask for any help and he tol me to contact the owner!! But i cant anymore!! And idk what to do! how can i explain them to please unattached the IMEI?? the owenr sold this phone because he changed to T-MObile for a sidekick!! !! if the IMEI its attached to that account what can i do?? IF THE IMEI ITS ATTACHED ITS THE BB PIN too attached??

    I taking this phone to mexico to use overthere!! But will affect me on something!
    07-11-11 02:27 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Only way is to contact the person you bought it from & have him/her call to remove it from his/her account.
    07-11-11 02:59 PM
  3. avmsam's Avatar
    it doesn't matter if an IMEI is attached. its a gsm device, once its unlocked just pop in a sim and ur good to do. however for adding bb data plan, you have to make sure the PIN is released.
    07-11-11 03:03 PM
  4. AshionBB's Avatar
    taks avmsam!! Yeah i just hanged up the phone! with a BB specialist they made me talk in att who answer all my questions!!

    I told him that an enterprise Account was set up on the BB when i got it! And that when i wipe the phone dissappear

    then He told me like u said! the IMEI it DOESNT MATTER!! then he told me that he unattached something in that account ( I think the enterprise Account or something relate to an account on the BB! no The Main AT&T ACcount from the old owner! something about email or an account to manage that! But i Assume ! that he release THE PIN right? cause he told now im free to go there and get a BB plan and everything and Use the Host Router Plan and register over there!! And SOmething about the enterprise Account that Telcel will set up for me? Cause i ask him is everything was okay to go to mexico and he told me yah! He also told me that sometimes it could not work all the Apps for the fact that the phone is made to work with AT&T but i know Telcel in mexico work ALMOST THE SAME LIKE AT&T cause when i come here with a telcel SIM it changes from telcel TO AT&T!!

    So what u guys think? i talked with him i thin for 1 hour!! And I ask all the questions i need!! the IMEI its attached but will not cause trouble and that he unattached something about a main email account from the AT&T account of the old owner! i thin now that the PIN i free to use!
    07-11-11 03:53 PM