1. SuperGenius's Avatar
    Forgive me if there's already an answer to this. I did search first before posting this. I am trying to organize my Contacts so that my personal and business contacts aren't all lumped together. Is there a simple way to do this? Thanks in advance for your help.
    02-03-11 09:29 AM
  2. pmccartney's Avatar
    Not within the native contacts app. The best you can do is select a filter (category).
    While in contacts, press the menu key and select filter. The downside is you will only see that selected Category.
    Tip: I always use search. IMO it's the quickest way to find a contact.
    02-03-11 09:36 AM
  3. jeffh's Avatar
    To add to pmccartney's advice:
    1. Contacts are not assigned to any Category by default. If you select a filter before you assign contacts to it, you won't see anything. (Results in frequent posts on CrackBerry: "I can't see my contacts, but when someone calls it shows their name...")
    2. Filter settings persist through a battery pull reboot. (Which means a battery pull won't help people with Problem #1.)
    3. You can only have one filter active at a time (this is a serious limitation).
    02-03-11 09:47 AM
  4. Altarocks's Avatar
    If they're stored in the same database (like Outlook), you're probably out of luck unless you can filter by type. If you have them stored separately (like Outlook for business, Yahoo for personal) you can choose to view combined lists or individual lists.
    02-03-11 09:51 AM
  5. SuperGenius's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies... I was hoping there was something a little better than filtering. Unfortunately, there isn't. Thanks again for the responses.
    02-03-11 10:18 AM