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    Morning All,

    I am using the iphone 4 alongside the Torch but certain things on the Torch are driving me nuts so thought I would ask members for some assistance.

    Problem 1 is the lock button on the top, its so easy to bump it and unlock the phone and make the screen active. Is there any other way to lock the screen without using the button on the top of the device to unlock it. I put it in my shirt pocket or jeans pocket and within seconds the dam thing has become unlocked.

    Problem 2 - The banner bar that has ALL, Favorites, Frequent etc. Is there anyway to lock this onto the one you want it on as when screen is unlocked it scrolls through them with the slightest touch. I want to find some way to just lock it on the ALL option.

    Thanks everyone and any suggestions to the above would be very much appreciated as if I cant sort it then need to look at going to another device.


    10-11-10 05:09 PM
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    Here are some answers that might help you out.

    1. As far as locking goes, there are a few apps you can use for that. I have downloaded pattern lock and storm slider. I prefer storm slider ( and it will look familiar to you with the iphone). I have only downloaded the free version but I have to click the icon to lock the phone with it. Pressing the lock button does not activate this application. Another option is to get a holster/pouch with the magnet so that it puts the phone to sleep while in it.

    2. Lots of people would love to have this feature, but unfortunately it isn't available at the moment. Hopefully they realease some customization options in the near future via an update. I've read that some themes have this feature built into them, but I don't know from firsthand experience.

    Hope this helps

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    10-11-10 05:51 PM
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    I'm an iPhone user myself and ran into the same problem with the top lock button on the Torch. It was very easy to bump the lock button in my pocket without knowing it!

    I got the app StormSlide Paid for 2.99. It has a slider just like the iPhone. When you hit the lock button the screen will go blank, but if you were to accidentally bump it in your pocket, the slide screen will come up to keep you from accidentally activating anything. You can also set a password screen lock like the iPhone. Definitely worth the money and coming from an iPhone yourself, you'll be right at home with this app!
    10-11-10 10:35 PM