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    Hi, I've a very good friend who got a BB torch but he is a disabled person he lost some fingers and his eyes aren't well, so using the keyboard of the bb, holding the stylus and reading on the small screen is really a problem so he wants to plug it to the pc by usb port and control it with the mouse and see the screen at the pc monitor. Can anyone help me? which software do we need to download or buy so he can do this. Thanks =)
    01-12-11 01:02 PM
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    Unfortunately according to my software engineer husband its NOT possible. The BB is not designed for it.

    Inputting contact, calendar and task information on the PC and synching it over is possible, however using the BB through the PC is not possible.

    I'm confused as to why this person would buy the BB having these disabilities that make using the device so difficult? Did he not try it out at the store before buying it? Is there still time to return it?

    Maybe he can sell it on eBay or have someone sell it for him? I used to be a TA (Trading Assistant) on eBay and sell items for people that did not have the time or didn't know how to sell on eBay.

    I wish I could offer more hope, however the bb is really intended to be a smartphone and to be used when out and about. It would need to be rebuilt and rewired to work as an extension to a PC.

    That's the HP's (Husband Person) opinion and he is in the PC business.


    01-12-11 08:05 PM
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    01-12-11 08:34 PM
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