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    my friend sold me his brand new in a box bb torch 9800 on a pay monthly on vodafone that he only got yesterday iv put a vodafone pay as you go sim in it all works will it get blocked bye vodafone if he dont pay the bill and i tried a pay as you go sim on 02 and orange and they both work and will i be able 2 unlock it if it does as i got it as a gift and i got it 4 60 pound couldnt belive it well buzzin i dont no alot about them thanks alot if u can help
    11-30-10 10:15 PM
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    If both the O2 and vodafone sim is working in it chances are it is already unlocked. To check go options - device - advanced system options - sim card. In there type mepd. Everything should be disabled if anything is active its not unlocked and you can purchase an unlock code from unlockers on here. I would recommend cellunlock or freethisberrydotcom. Great service and quick.

    Not sure what vodafone policy is about unpaid bills

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    11-30-10 11:04 PM