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    please help i love my torch but since yesterday whilst scrolling thru pages i am now getting a 2 inch white gap then page continues and further down it occurs again it is bloody annoying is this common it happens when i,m on the net or scrolling thru cb mobile but never on fb or twitter etc ????
    01-09-11 04:08 AM
  2. dochouse7's Avatar
    Sounds like it's just not loading the page quick enough. Check how many apps you have running in the backgound. If nothing is running (by that I mean the 6 basic apps that are always running, and nothing more) check to see whether you're on a wifi connection (and if the wifi is preffered). If not, pages may load slower either due to a slow connection through the cell network, or from slow DNS response.

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    01-09-11 04:16 AM
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    thank you for swift response, i have 5 apps running the basics my wifi is on it is wifi preferred i hope the problem dissappears asap as is bugging me i,m running .337 and have been for 7 weeks !!
    01-09-11 04:24 AM
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    Same thing happened to me. Wiped and reloaded .337. Works fine again the past month.

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    01-09-11 06:10 AM
  5. daveshiz's Avatar
    now started working flawlessly again and didnt do owt to it oh well
    01-11-11 09:53 AM
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    Just a little FYI ffor any BB newbie out there.

    Whenever your device starts to act a little wonky, First course of action should be to try a soft reset of the device(pressing the alt + right shift + delete keys simultaneously untill the screen reboots).

    If that didn't resolve your issue, then an actual physical battery pull(with the device on pull out the battery, wait at least 30 seconds, put your battery back in).

    If that doesn't solve your problem then there is something else wrong with the device and further action is required.
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    01-11-11 10:00 AM