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    Hiya guys,

    I'm due to get my new Torch at some point this week and I'm looking at ways to protect the cosmetic look and feel of my device.

    I'm wondering if someone can point me in the direction of good quality products at fair prices.

    I'm looking for screen protectors and cases as I tend to drop my phone quite a lot. I've read a lot on here about Otterbox cases and I think this is probably going to be my case of choice. Can anyone recommend any others? What about screen protectors? Any links would be much appreciated
    12-05-10 07:55 PM
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    Okay in my experience, I have tried 3 cases thus far, none really protects more than the other. The only thing they do is drain your wallet.

    I will say the worst one was the body glove case; I practically needed to break the bottom portion to take it off...very frustrating when you need to perform a battery pull.

    Aside from that the otterbox, body glove, and case mate all eere terrible with regards to the frame protection for the top portion of the phone. Everytime it drops...even on carpet, it pops off. As a matter of fact, it pops off even when not dropped (like in my laptop bag).

    I suggest..my next route of protection, read about alternative armor like zagg's invisibleshield or some of the other manufacturers. From what I've read, its worth the money.

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    12-05-10 08:31 PM
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    12-05-10 09:26 PM