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    I have finally done it! I have taken the time and enabled my Torch to charge on the Palm Touchstone charger. This is a little thing, but ever since my Palm Pre died and I transitioned to the Torch I have been missing the convenience of the inductive charging. I had waited for the Torch Powermat receiver door to be released and picked one up shortly after it was released. I quickly bought three mats to place around the home and one at work.

    I used the Powermats for about a week and liked them, but the one place I couldn't put a Powermat was in the car. The Powermat requires 18 V output so it can only be used with the OEM AC adapter (or similar adapter with same power specs), unless I wanted to get real fancy and try to make a 12 - 18 V DC converter. I decided to go back to the Palm Touchstone because it only requires 5V and 1A to run. I have a few car-to-USB power adapters that work with the Touchstone. The conversion was quite easy. I just took the guts out of the Powermat receiver door and put the Palm receiver coils in the door. I had tried to use the Torch OEM battery door, but it was too snug and I didn't want to try and solder directly to the Torch board. Instead, I used the Powermat's unique receiver and soldered to the leads that go to the micro-USB. This way the set-up works the same was as if I was using a Powermat system, but with the lower requirements of the Palm Touchstone. Check out the pictures below of it in my car. I also posted a video of it working at my desk charger (you will have to click the link). Now the investment of all the Touchstones peppered around home and in the car can be used again.

    Note that the magnets do well at holding the phone in place while in the car. It is about as stable as when I had the Palm Pre, though the Torch is a bit heavier. The phone only flies off if I hit it with my knee or during an extreme hard corner or hard braking. I don't do those much so the setup works well for me.

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    One thing I forgot to mention is that the Powermat doesn't hold the Torch nearly as hard as the Touchstone so it wouldn't have worked very well in the car like the Touchstone. I had looked at fabricating a custom mount using a universal phone holder with the Powermat attached so the phone would be held while on the Powermat, but that would have required using a power inverter full time plus the mount fabrication. This was the simpler solution and lower cost since I already had all the supplies.
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    Nice mod, always wanted to use powermat charger etc..., but didn't want to give up my microusb port.
    10-04-11 09:26 PM
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    nice... can you show pictures of the mod in the door.. curious
    10-04-11 10:29 PM
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    Nice what you have done
    10-04-11 10:57 PM
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    Nice mod, always wanted to use powermat charger etc..., but didn't want to give up my microusb port.
    I had the same concerns about using the Powermat charger, but found that you don't loose use of the microUSB port. The connector from the power receiver door to the microUSB port is removable so you can still connect to the computer or other device when you need. I have attached pictures of the connector removed as well as the mod below.

    You will see the Palm inductive coils cover placed on the Powermat receiver door and soldered to the charge connector printed circuit board. I was then able to put the Powermat receiver door dust cover back on and it fits on the phone nicely.

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    ^Sweet, didn't realize you can remove the cover like that.
    10-06-11 09:52 PM
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    SO, I hate to bump this thread, but I just have to post this for the curious. I upgraded to the Torch 9810 and installed my custom battery door. It worked flawsly so now I have inductive charging on the 9810. I am super excited that RIM went with the same form factor between the 9800 and the 9810.
    02-24-12 10:53 PM