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    I have finally given up on the Torch and switch to the Evo 4G. After 4 years of blackberry and AT&T I have had it! I was on a very important conference call for work yesterday morning starting at 5am and my Torch "Call Failed" on my 3 times in 15 minutes (with 5 bars of signal!). My Sprint rep had given me an EVO 4G to try a few weeks ago so I opened the package and called into the conference call with the EVO and stayed connected for the next 2 1/2 hours without a problem (with only 3 bars of signal).

    After that I decided I was finished with the Torch and AT&T. After work I went to the local Sprint store and traded in my Torch (Sprint gave me $199 for the trade-in towards the EVO) and got a gorgeous White EVO for $36!

    All day I have been on the phone and sending and receiving email & texts without a single dropped call.

    Adios AT&T! Chow Blackberry! Hello Sprint & HTC!!! Quality and stability! what a concept!!!
    12-03-10 05:30 PM
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    Double posting with different thread titles just for dramatic effect?
    12-03-10 05:40 PM
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    LOL!!!! He REALLY wanted us to know the story.

    I didn't know reps gave out phones randomly for people to try out....how would they manage the restocking fee for all those open boxes?

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    12-03-10 06:22 PM
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    I can't hear you...you're breaking up.
    12-03-10 07:31 PM