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    Need to see if their is anything I can do on the set up. I have some professional emails that will accept emails from the blackberry.net, but will not from the gmail, they will always go to spam. Is their anything I can do with the gmail to allow the mail to go through. I saw where you can set up the gmail as a blackberry address through the SMTP server, but it wants the server and port information, does anyone know what that is and will this actually help for my problem. I rather use gmail for some of files that i need to send, instead of send to blackberry.net and then forwarding over to the professional emails. I hope this makes sense???

    10-22-10 03:02 PM
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    The issue is with the spam filtering on their end, it's really not an issue with anything you're doing. Anyone who's spam filter automatically flags messages from GMail is using a crappy spam filter.

    To address your question though. The blackberry.net accounts can only be used from a BlackBerry. There is no SMTP access to them.
    10-22-10 03:19 PM
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    Yes and no. If you set up Gmail on your BB, they come from a blackberry.net email server. If the destination email server's spam gateway does reputation filtering you will normally be fine. If, on the other hand, it doesn't *and* it compares your reply-to email domain name with that of the sending server and sees that they are different, then there's a problem. As one responder to your post said, that's evidence of a crappy or poorly set up receiving email gateway and there's not anything you can do about it.

    How you are set up is not clear from your post.

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    10-22-10 04:56 PM