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    **UPDATE: This is solved. Always remember to pull the battery because that usually solves everything LOL.**

    Help, please! I got my Torch yesterday, after owning 2 Curves, so I know I'm not crazy with this question.

    On the Torch, I have 2 Gmail accounts and 1 AOL account registered. When I receive an email on the Gmail accounts, and I go into that "bucket" as I call it (click on the Gmail icon that it's associated with), I cannot open the email from that screen. I can hit "reply", I can "delete", I can "filter", but I can't click on the email or touch it to open it. It makes me go to the "messages" bucket to get to it.

    Now, my AOL account lets me do all the above when an email comes in. I can click on it to open it right there in that "bucket", reply to it, delete it, et cetera. I know on my Curve, I could do that for all email accounts.

    I just called AT&T and unhelpful is an understatement. She really was no help at all. We also are new AT&T customers, so I thought maybe she'd spend a little more time trying to help me, but she was really disinterested in the whole thing once I told her I could access the emails from my "messages" icon. The point of having the different email icons though, for me, is that I get specific emails to each one from different clients and I need to know quickly who is sending what without having to scroll up to see who it was sent to.

    Anyone out there that can help?
    Thanks in advance.
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    01-19-11 10:36 AM
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    Just so I understand...are you trying to access it through the Gmail app or the icon that comes up if you set it up through BIS?

    I have one gmail account through BIS and another through the Gmail app. I can open email just fine either way. I don't like the way the Gmail app works, though, I prefer BIS.
    01-19-11 10:53 AM
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    I set it up through BIS, not through an app in the store. Hopefully that answers your question? I went to email setup and did it from there, that's probably a clearer way for me to say it.
    01-19-11 11:08 AM
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    1. did you do a battery pull.
    2. did you know that, in the 'general' messages, you can have email accounts show up in different colours. This is a very quick way to distinguish which email account they are coming and going from.
    I have my 'Desktop' (BES) emails in Red, my @rogers.com email in Green and my @gmail.com email in Blue.
    01-19-11 11:33 AM
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    pmccartney, like an ***** that is the one thing I didn't try, and I ran to the store and noticed there was an AT&T store right next to it, so I went in there, he pulled the battery and it works. I feel like an ***** now
    And no, I had no clue you could do that. Is there a tutorial I can read or is it on here somewhere?
    01-19-11 11:44 AM