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    I am hoping someone is able to help me solve an issue whereby I am unable to re-add my gmail email account to my 9800. Three days ago I received a notification to my device that I needed to validate my email account only for my gmail. I tried and it would not validate. I deleted it rebooted my device and tried to add it back through setup. It will not add it indicating there is an email or password error and if it persists to contact gmail. I go to gmail dot com and try to log in and receive a notification of suspicious activity I follow the steps change the password receive the validation confirmation. I go back to the device log into email set up and receive the message email or password error if this presists contact gmail dot com. My carrier is Rogers I go to BlackBerry Internet Service which brings me to my email setup same as on my device log in try to add it there receive the same message. I have rebooted the device and tried again still does not work. I have sent notification two days ago to gmail and have not received any assistance. I tried again through the device and the URL above containing Rogers and it sill displays the same error message. I am able to log into my email account from a computer. Does anyone have a suggestion for something I may be missing? Thank you
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    12-22-10 02:52 PM
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    Nothing really can be done if it is also failing from the carriers BIS website except contact them directly and ask for BB PDA support. They will try a few things and contact RIM. Is the IMEI and PIN correct on the website? You might try updating the device info on the website.

    This is not a device or OS issue if it is failing on the website.

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    I had issues like this shortly after getting my torch. It turned out to be BIS issues on AT&T's end. There was an acknowledged outage and once that was over I was able to reload my email accounts.
    12-22-10 06:15 PM