1. louielouielouie's Avatar
    Total newbie here and I'm eager for help.

    On my gmail on my computer I have it sorted into folders. I subscribe to some high volume email lists that I only click on the folder once a week and then go through it all. On my Torch I'm seeing all my gmail together, not sorted into folders. I would rather this list stuff not trigger my little flashing red light and would be happy if it didn't appear on my handheld at all. Is that an option?

    09-13-10 08:35 PM
  2. jeffreii's Avatar
    Go to your BIS login - Google it for your carrier - and you can set up filters for your email address. I pretty much copied my Google filters (anything that would skip the inbox) over to my BB filters.

    Then you can use the Gmail app for those occasions where you want to pull up those folders on your device.
    09-13-10 09:27 PM