09-19-10 02:44 PM
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    Spending a whole day with a new phone like the Torch is something that my Wife will never understand.

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    Amen to that...having owned a 8310, 9000 and 9700, the Torch is by far the best berry that I have owned.

    The OS 6 offers more customization option and a more organized and intuitive approach to the menus.

    The touchscreen, trackpad and QWERTY keyboard make the messaging and web browsing experience more enjoyable.

    The web browser with its pinch to zoom, double-tap, swipe to scroll and tabbed browsing are certainly nice additions.

    The universal search is also a great addition. Multi-tasking is even more effective on the Torch than my other BB devices.
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    Ahhhhh I can't wait till Sept 24th... This is killing me!!!

    My game plan is the following

    1) Already booked off my work agenda from 11-2. This should give me plenty of time to procure the phone and play with it.
    2) Advise and encourage my girlfriend to have a girls' night out on Sept 24th cause I need alone time!!!!
    3) Right after work, I will upgrade right away to 214/225 if Telus is releasing the Torch with 141
    4) Of course, I must pay respect to my Storm 9530. Even though it was not the best phone, it is my first BB and I enjoyed every moment with it (even the 1000s of battery pulls)

    Patience is a virtue.

    Lmao. Good move hope it works out for you
    09-19-10 02:44 PM
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