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    Thought this might be helpful for Torch users using Dish Network's VIP922 with a built in slingplayer because it was a pain for me. The below build will run on the Blackberry Torch as far as SlingPlayer goes:

    If you can't install the 1013 version here, you should be able to search and find an alternative. Once you get it installed, note you have to be holding the phone in landscape for it to launch as opposed to getting an error (apparently it has to think it's a storm).

    From there, to get the Slingbox to show up in the app to use, I had to register it on slingbox's website even though I had already went through the dish network process to use remote access from there. You'll need the finder id and admin password, both of which you can get off the VIP922 by pressing menu twice (an info screen will come up - info is in the lower left of the screen).

    Hope this helps.
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    09-26-10 07:29 AM
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    Great! That worked for me! Now, I do still have a problem: this version I downloaded only works for 30 days, although the mobile player offered through Dish Network is free (but it can't be downloaded for a 9800...)

    Any ideas how to get around that?
    12-18-10 03:06 PM