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    Well my sister was nice enough to hook me up with a 9800 for my birthday and i am very impressed with it. I set it up last night, restored from a backup of my 9700 and it is working great. Still need to get used to the new OS, but with it being a BB i think it will be easy. One thing that has me a little confused is the wifi, i want to make sure that when browsing it is using the wifi instead of the 3G. I know that the 9700 had that option built in, but reading some posts about it here has not actually answered it for me.

    It is a great phone and i have not had any BIS issues as mentioned in other threads. There has been no lag or had any problems with wobble. Mine was made in Mexico and came with .246 already.

    I was able to get it for $149 and they gave me a $50 credit to use for accessories. I picked up the Case-Mate Medley case and it feels pretty solid on the phone. i also got the antiglare screen protector and it is ok, the touch screen still functions great with it on.

    In all i am very happy with the phone. i know that there have been many complaints about the intial shipments, but i think that the new OS has helped alleviate most of the issues. RIM hit it out of the park with the Torch 9800!
    10-21-10 02:52 PM