1. jboland410's Avatar
    When I turned on my BB Torch 9800 this morning, ALL of my overnight email said "Error in parsing this message, couldn't display the body part!!!" Most of the messages in question were plain text (although my BB is set to receive HTML) and came from frequent correspondents. In some cases, I had exchanged several messages with the same people yesterday without problem. Messages arriving this morning are appearing as normal. The problem seems to have occured only when the BB was in standby overnight.

    Fortunately, the messages were still on my server so I was able to read them on my desktop. But this would be a big problem if I were traveling. Does anyone have any idea what happened?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    06-22-11 07:55 AM
  2. saudadeii's Avatar
    How are you accessing Exchange? BES?

    KB11894-Application: MultiPart/Mixed
    06-22-11 08:53 AM
  3. jboland410's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I do not use BES - it is a BB Internet account. Also, the "MultiPart/Mixed" message did not appear anywhere. About half of the affected emails were one- or two-line plain text messages, very similiar to messages that I receive routinely from the same correspondents (including before and after this event).

    But there was at least one message that I knew to be mixed plain text/HTML and including attachments. I had that message resent today and it came though fine--no error messages. So, again, this only happened while the BB was in standby mode.

    06-22-11 11:10 AM