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    We have two carriers here, one was using an old version of BIS so no gmail contacts/calendar sync and the other is using the newer BIS that supports syncing.

    I initially moved from the old BIS carrier to the new BIS carrier, everything worked fine. Today I just switched back to the old carrier, although they seem to now support contacts syncing - I now have problems with the email settings application.

    On the BIS portal on the web, it says to log into email settings on the device to complete the security process. When I try to log into the email settings app, I get the following error:

    "The information you provided is incorrect. Retype your user name and password. Your user name and password are case sensitive."

    I am 100% sure I'm putting in the correct information, so I'm thinking maybe it's stuck with the old carrier? Tried host routing table, service books, battery pulls, etc - all without success.

    Anyone with ideas?

    02-08-11 02:38 AM
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    Are you logging in to the correct carrier's web portal? Does this carrier still use the web portal? (Mine switched to a device-based login only.)

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    02-08-11 06:00 AM
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    What could happen is that when you swtiched to another carrier and put a different sim in your phone and the phone registered with the network, it at times, automatically gives you a username and password with that specific carrier. So best thing is to contact that carrier's tech support you are with now for them to let you know what account was created for you.

    Hope this makes sense and helps
    02-08-11 01:15 PM