1. mills705's Avatar
    So When i got my phone I set up my email account as normal and the phone seemed to be okay. I had an issue with bbm + internet and was told to back up and then reset then restore my phone.
    I now have an issue with my email. Firstly the icon of the email has vanished. And when i go onto setup and emails im asked for a username/password. I ask for password reset (Ive figured username is mobile number) but this wont work is that I dont have my email account set up!
    I have read around and it suggests deleted the service book- done. .
    So i now have the option of the normal or enterprise but it then goes onto the same username/ password.
    Little help!?
    10-20-10 02:49 PM
  2. jcp007's Avatar
    You need to setup an email account either with Google or Yahoo or your Internet Service Provider. Once the account is setup, the user name is usually the email address and the password is the one that you set up the account with to access your email on the internet.
    10-20-10 04:01 PM
  3. branflakes's Avatar
    Password reset should still work, as it can be emailed to you (check your email account through a web browser) or sent as a text to your phone.
    10-20-10 04:10 PM