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    I recently purchased the Blackberry Torch 9800 and I have a question about email being automatically downloaded. My husband's i-Phone calls this 'email push' which he is able to turn off. Is there a way of turning off this feature in the Torch?


    11-14-10 10:51 AM
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    for a Desktop account tied to BES:
    - goto messages and then Options > Email Prefs and turn off 'Send Email To Handheld'

    You can also set a filter in BIS to Not FWD Email to Handheld but this would be a nuisance IMO.
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    11-14-10 11:48 AM
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    The second suggestion (re "HTML Email") doesn't have anything to do with email push and will not affect emails being pushed to the device.

    The only way to turn off email is to turn off all your data, or set up a Filter in the Email Settings to "not forward to the handheld" (as suggested above) or to remove the email account from the device.

    BlackBerry devices are based around push email
    11-14-10 11:53 AM
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    There's apps you can download to delay email. You have to understand that BBs are pushed based, not optional like some other phones.

    Facebook has push, BBM has push, AIM/MSN, twitter have push, etc.

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    11-14-10 11:54 AM