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    Hey! I'm not sure if this idea has been posted some where else or not (I've looked around and found only a similar one), but I'm going to put this up anyway. I'm sure there's a few BlackBerry users with a Torch that are/have been experiencing a wiggle or click with the sliding portion of the screen. Honestly, I've been through a bunch of Torches to get one without the wiggle and they all have or eventually will get it. I don't believe this to be a bad job on RIM's part. It's just something that happens with these types of sliders, but I'm here to offer a solution that I've been using on my current Torch.

    I'm going to provide step-by-step directions with pictures (taken from my Torch, so I had to improvise some of the steps) to help explain the process. Read through this first before attempting it so that way to you don't do something wrong (it is really easy though).

    The first thing is you need to make sure you have the following items: scotch tape, scissors, a small piece of paper, and your Torch.


    Step 1: Take a piece of tape (about 1 1/2" long) and put the top half on a clean surface with the bottom half hanging off.


    Step 2: Take another piece of tape (same size) and lay it on top of the previous piece.


    Step 3: Repeat process until you have about 6-9 layers of tape. (Depending on how bad the wiggle is, you may need to make a thicker pile)


    Step 4: Cut of edges of tape so that it is a properly aligned slap of tape. Be sure to keep hands off the top half of the sticky side of tape.


    Step 5: Stick the very corner of the tape slab between the slider and the body of your Torch on the right side (in front of the Mute button) with the sticky side facing AWAY from the screen a little less than 1/4 of an inch in. Be sure to put tape on the right side, because if it is in the middle or left, it will get caught sliding parts and ruin the slider


    Step 6: Take scissors and cut corner off cleanly and close to phone.


    Step 7: Gently, push slab down into space until it is flush with edge.

    Step 8: Take piece of paper and fold it in half once or twice and use a folded corner to push tape a bit further down into space until it is about 1/16th of an inch below the edge of the phone (it doesn't/can't be to far in phone otherwise it won't work).


    Step 9: Apply moderate pressure to slider to make sure the tape is sticking inside.

    Step 10: Test and make adjustments until satisfied

    Many of you have probably seen a similar fix like this involving paper, but tape is much more affective. It sticks and stays in place and also offers a smoother surface for the slider to open to. Just be aware that it can fall loose and get caught in the sliding mechanism, so do this at YOUR OWN RISK! I hope this has helped anyone that many have this issue. I'm using it and with great success! the right side of my Torch had a slight wiggle and click to it, but now it is solid and still slides up like a dream.

    Long live BlackBerry!
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    Tape on the back of the slider has been posted at least 3 times to my knowledge, Black tape on the back of the slider, sticker on the back, tape on the front of the screen. Old news for a problem most just deal with.





    There's just a couple of them, everything from foam insulation to black tape to using a sticker.

    This topic is getting really old, most people wouldn't even know there screen wiggled if they didn't read it on the net first.
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    "This topic is getting really old, most people wouldn't even know there screen wiggled if they didn't read it on the net first."

    I agree. It's a slider phone. There is supposed to be some play. It is very well designed. I'm glad that you were able to modify your phone and that you are more comfortable with how it operates but, personally, I would be worried that the things you're sticking in it would eventually come loose and interfere with the ribbon.
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