11-18-10 02:02 PM
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  1. akcrimson's Avatar
    Lay off guys. I don't use a case because I'm in and out of my car all day and I put it in the iGrip while I drive. It won't fit with an iGrip. And anyway, if the OP is like me, they either don't have cases in the store or they are stupidly overprices.

    However, some have a point. I dropped mine and have a couple scratches on the bezel but the screen/keyboard/innards are all fine so really my phone is still there. I do think paying 100 deductible for a new one you will probably scratch anyway is silly.

    Get a case that hides the scratch, you're good to go.
    11-18-10 01:34 PM
  2. jjlannoo's Avatar
    Well I use a OEM holster because I like to be able to use my dock quickly. Otherwise I would def buy a case holster combo from seidio. They look GREAT. If it hides the scratches -- I would do that. I myself will go that route with My tour if it gets trashed around the edges.

    11-18-10 02:02 PM
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