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    Today I had a message from the Desk top Mngr that there is an update, so I did download and install it, it is ver 6.210 Bundle 21.
    Then when I started the DTM after the update, and went to Applications, It lists the application on my Torch as usual, but with 2 remarks at the top saying that :
    1- There is a BB SW update of 39.2 MB and is required and they are available.
    2- There is a BB core applications of 32.5 required and 82.7 available.

    When I went to update my device on the DTM, he checked and then came back saying I habe the latest device SW ver 6.0 Bundle 862 (V6.0.0 284). I even did the update trial by the Torch, with the same result.

    I am in Egypt, Carrier Vodafone but the device is unlocked.
    Is this really the latest OS?
    Why then this message from the DTM and showing exactly the required SW size?

    can someone help ? Thanks in advance
    12-20-10 07:09 AM
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    If your running .284 you have the latest version for your carrier. Why Dm is telling you that you have an upgrade is beyond me. Although .337 is the newest "official" version it is not for your carrier and DM shouldn't be telling you that you have an upgrade.

    On a side note, are you sure it wasn't an update to the desktop manager? There was just one of those the other day.
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    12-20-10 07:18 AM
  3. m.seif's Avatar
    Thank you. I am quite sure becasue the DTM shows only those 2 remarks when I go to Applications.
    And when I opened this morning my pld DTM, he told me that there is an update and downloaded about 150 MB and installed immediately.
    12-20-10 07:22 AM