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    I got this from the many JaredCompany emails it sends to me, but at least this one seemed somewhat useful. Or so I thought... I tried some of these tips and none of them seem to work on my browser.

    Hi , here are some BlackBerry Browser
    tips for you :

    1) Bring up the Enter Web Address field from any Web page by pressing the G key.

    2) Insert a period in Web address by clicking the Space key.

    3) Insert a back slash in Web address by clicking either the Left Shift or Right Shift keys and then hitting Space.

    4) Add an item to bookmarks list by clicking the A key.

    5) Bring up your bookmark list by clicking the K key.

    6) Refresh a Web page by clicking the R key.

    I would LOVE for #6 to work. I've pressed the "G, A, K, R" keys and none of them do anything for me on the browser.
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    11-24-10 09:24 PM
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    You have to enable keyboard shortcuts first.

    Open your browser then press the BB button, scroll down to options. In the browser options there is an option for keyboard shortcuts. Enable that and back out and save changes. Now all those keys work as you have posted.
    11-24-10 09:30 PM
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    They work for me.

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    11-24-10 09:31 PM
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    oh sweet! they do work now. thanks!!
    11-24-10 09:53 PM
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    There's a couple other useful ones: Press "W" to bring up the tab menu. Press "T" to scroll to the top of the page. Press "B" to scroll down to the bottom. Spacrebar scrolls the site down by one page.

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    11-24-10 10:09 PM
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    For some odd reason they are off by default in OS6.

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    11-24-10 10:10 PM
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    The crappy part is that they've removed 2 of my most-used Browser shortcuts, L and P.

    P identified the Page with options to Save or Send the Page info. Now it displays Page Properties and the send options are in the menu.

    L identified a link if the cursor was on it, again with options to Send or Save. L is completely removed. Send Link options are in menu, but if you want to identify a link to see where it really goes, you have to waste your time selecting to send it via an email, then cancelling the email once you can see the link.

    Also, SHIFT+SPACE is Page Up the way SPACE is Page Down.

    I zooms in, O zooms back out. Double-tapping screen zooms in/out too. Being strategic about where on the screen you tap can give you some neat & tidy Column views often.

    While you're typing in a text field, ALT + scrolling left or right takes you to either end of that line.

    ESC is back-page, but it's easy to accidentally close the Browser sometimes. DEL is always just Back-Page.
    11-25-10 08:33 AM