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    Hey all - I'm not sure if this fits better in this forum or up in the DM 6 one. But, here goes. I have a Torch, and was running DM6. I also have Pocketinformat and have used it forever. However, PI was not syncing w/ outlook 2010 thru DM6. I wrote into the PI Tech Support and they stated that there is an issue with DM 6 and many sync add-ins and that they are currently working with RIM to resolve the issue. Until then, they recommended I re-download DM 5 or 4.7 and use it. So, I tried to re-download, but when I open DM 5 and plug in the Torch the screen goes gray, and I get the message "blackberry desktop has stopped working" with the only option as to close the program.

    Does anyone know if Torch is not compatiable with DM 5? Or, can anybody be of any help on the error message I'm getting when I connect my Torch to it?

    Has anyone heard of this sync add-in issue that RIM is deal with and any type of an ETA on an update to fix it?

    Thanks for the help!!!

    09-08-10 10:33 PM
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    DM 5 is compatible with the 9800.

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    09-08-10 10:46 PM