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    Hi all,

    I have some small issues with my torch, but the wobble I have is minimal and my torch runs smoothly so I want to keep it, but there are a few small OCD hardware issues I have that I'd like to fix on my own if I could. I think I have some solutions for them, but if there are any better ways, please let me know.

    Loose Bezel - on the right side of the bottom bezel, there is a spot that isn't flush and when i push down on it, it has a little play, would purchasing a new bezel from cnn.cn solve this?

    "Sticky" return and end call buttons - On the right side of the front buttons, I can hear the double sided tape sticking underneath when I push the buttons, or even touch them slightly. I'm guessing, carefully remove front button panel and replace tape underneath with heavy duty double sided carpet tape?

    My only problem with that is I have no creaking and I don't know if the double sided carpet tape will allow the front panel to sit flush once its replaced.

    Creaky Battery door - New battery door off cnn.cn?

    10-23-10 03:13 PM