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    I need to disable the short cuts found on some keys on the slider KB ( s=search,n= BB messenger, m= default email,....)
    I need to use all the buttons on the KB to dial contacts like I used to do on my old 8520. Disabling those shortcuts on that phone was very straight forwatd.
    I know that a few can not be disabled ( a= locking) for example.

    any way to do that ?
    Thanks in advance
    12-07-10 05:11 AM
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    Turn ON "Dial from keyboard."
    Thank you, but I am not able to find this option on the Torch.
    Can you give steps?
    thanks again
    12-07-10 06:45 AM
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    When I hit the call button then the menu, I found options and not general options. When I hot the options I find the following sub menus;
    In-call settings,Voice mail,Call Forwarding, waiting ,barring,smart dialing,call logs,speed dial numbers,voice dialling,FDN phone list,hearing air mode.
    There is no "Turn on dial from home screen"

    I remeber something like this on my 8520, but nothing here for the torch
    12-07-10 07:13 AM
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    I have a torch, and I turned off dial from homescreen. I'll find it, just give me a couple minutes and I'll edit this post.

    Edit: Found it faster then I thought I was going to.. Options>>Display>>Home Screen Preferences>>Launch By Typing-Change from... Oh well sh*t.. You can only change it to Universal Search. Not sure if you can type calls from there but give it a go.

    Also, you can try just hitting the phone button, and go to the dial pad, I think you can dial contacts through that.
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    12-07-10 07:33 AM