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    Between being on BES/BIS, and switching devices, I've had multiple address books (3) appear on my device, with some entries repeated 3 times. From what I can see, there is one address book that has all of my entries, and the other two have a subset (probably based on where the addresses were created/sync'd from).

    Is there any way, from the device, to delete all of the entries in an address book? I'd like to delete two of the three address books, and keep one. I've searched the forums and only found how to delete all addresses.
    10-25-10 12:24 PM
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    ....Apologies for the bump....I've seen a similar question in several places, but have not been able to find an answer
    11-01-10 08:33 AM
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    i had the same situation.

    Ended up just wiping the contracts...was frustrating.
    11-01-10 08:56 AM
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    Do you still have a copy of the backup you made before switching your data from the old phone to the Torch? If so, try wiping your contacts and then restoring just the contacts data file from the old backup. Mighjt be worth a try.

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    11-01-10 09:54 AM
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    This is what I did with a similar problem (I'd read it first to be sure it's what you want to do):

    1. Back up your address books by DM (unless they're being wirelessly synced)
    2. Turn off wireless sync on all address books (by way of email setup in setup menu)
    3. Go into Contacts, BB-button, down to Options, highlight one of the contact lists, open slider, and type (with the physical keyboard) rset. This will remove all your contact lists.

    If your desired contact list is wirelessly synced then unplug BB from computer, go into email setup, reset the option to sync wirelessly, and presto... a few minutes later it should be back.

    If your desired contact list is not wirelessly synced then you'll have to put it back in by way of DM.

    I hope that gives you enough of a start to get your address book in order ^_^
    11-01-10 10:06 AM
  6. ylefrancois's Avatar
    Calendar > Options >Desktop > rset > save
    That will solve your problem.
    11-01-10 10:29 AM
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    I too am having a similar issue. My BB has switched most of my contacts over to an email address i don't use. I now have 4 address books on my BB with multiple entries. I would like to condense them all into 1 and delete the other 3. Is this possible?
    11-01-10 12:51 PM
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    Ditto not a big problem but annoying being that I didn't intentionally set up my addresses across different accounts. I can see the use, but its *** backwards for my needs.

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    11-01-10 02:19 PM