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    Running the .337 and i have recently deleted an unused email account, and taken it off my phone. Problem is, the 388 useless email contact that are now in my contact list.

    I can go into contacts, and view and individual list (both show normally), but i want to be able to remove the whole list from my phone. Any Suggestions?
    12-04-10 05:53 PM
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    I had an issue when going from my Bold 9700 to the Torch 9800. All of my contacts in my previous device were synced with different email accounts. So when it came time to sync the contacts from the Bold to the Torch, I had to go to each individual email account and create a CSV file>export them to AT&T address book>sync them to my new Torch (Because I wanted all of my contacts on the same contact list and had not payed attention to this before on previous Blackberry devices owned).

    Normally, if you regularly use your BB desktop manager, you should be fine to sync your information. However, I did find when speaking with an AT&T rep, that there is a glitch in the new AT&T address book that does not currently allow you to sync AT&T address book contacts with BB contacts. I also learned that, by even deleting certain email accounts, a contact list may still be automatically be created when you add another email account. I had this problem with my Yahoo account, as well as my business email (Through Gmail) showing up automatically after I deleted them, then re-created them.
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    12-07-10 03:47 AM