1. PestPro#IM's Avatar
    I just switched from a 9800 to the Torch, and I love it.

    How and Can you delete a message without opening it first?

    Can you delete several messsage at the same time, How?

    I know I could do all of this on my 9800, but have not figured out how on the Torch.
    12-06-10 07:06 AM
  2. homer1475's Avatar
    First off 9800 is the torch... Did you mean 9000?(thats whats in your profile?)

    If you highlight one message then click the BB button there's an option for delete.

    Multiple messages at once, threes an option for delete prior, which will delete everything prior to whats highlighted(either in the bb button menu or press and hold the screen and an option sbox pops up). Or you can touch where you want to start deleting and drag a second finger up or down to multiple highlight. Then press the BB button and chose delete or just press the little red X on the bottom dock.
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    12-06-10 07:10 AM