1. jxk716's Avatar
    I am using google calendar sync for the torch calendar. When I add a new event the default is "Groups" in purple. I upgraded to .450 Sunday and noticed after that. There was one BBM group I was a part of and have since withdrew myself from it. The groups are still in the bb calendar. I did not do a battery pull yet. Any ideas about getting rid of the groups? I am getting multible duplicates of events.

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    02-03-11 05:06 AM
  2. Technerd.McLeod's Avatar
    Best thing I could think of is going through the calender and deleting a whole series that you do not want there. Or, try resyncing after a battery pull, if the battery pull doesn't fix things.
    02-03-11 06:06 AM
  3. kcnwa's Avatar
    I'd like a resolution to this as well... I'd gladly leave the group if I knew that's all it takes.

    Or at least let me make my gmail CICAL the primary location. In options CICAL is in tact set to my @gmail.com entry, but when I create a new entry it defaults to the Groups and Google Sync wants to put everything on the Groups calendar.

    I don't remember this problem before .448/.450
    02-03-11 08:36 AM
  4. kcnwa's Avatar
    I tried a backup and restore as suggested on another site, I'll have to still poke around. I didn't do a full wipe + restore, so that's the next step.

    If anyone else has any advice, I'm all ears.
    02-04-11 02:33 PM
  5. kcnwa's Avatar
    So I was able to do a backup of my device, I did a quick security wipe (under security) and reloaded. Worked for me. My @blackberry.net was the new default after the restore, which I was able to change under my CICAL back to @gmail.

    Wasn't pretty, but it worked.
    02-07-11 07:22 AM
  6. jxk716's Avatar
    I ended up deleting all calendar data using the desktop manager; first I wrote down my personal appointments to be imputed later. So, deleted all data, then ran Google Sync to grab calendar appointments from my work calendar and then added my personal appointments. Working well now; the only change is sync items appear in default purple (groups) which is not a big deal.
    02-07-11 08:26 AM