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    hello all, I just upgraded to the Torch from a Pear Flip 8230 (big mistake that phone was) and well I am experiencing one big issue. I frist must say I am will bell mobility here in Canada. Secondly my phone is a non branded blackberry (not a ATT import) My phone seems to have poor 3G signal coverage. My phone at the best of times may have 2 - 3 bars or else its in SOS mode (more so in this mode then in 3G mode) I know with my old phone I would have G3 coverage but the phone would also change to 1X at times.

    So my question(s) is it the phone itself or Bell? Do I need a software upgrade from bell? Is there a modification that can be done to the software to enable a lower-end signal coverage than the 3G?

    Side note, I have a freidn who just got a Samsung Android phone with bell and he says he phone will flip between 3G and H (whatever that mode is) so was curious is there was a way to enable this coverage in the phone...

    Thanks, hope this makes sense...
    10-12-10 05:12 PM
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    Send yourself the service books and if not, it is probably the coverage.
    10-12-10 06:54 PM
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    haha sorry but service books? Semi new to that....
    10-12-10 06:56 PM
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    Every provider has a website you can log into from a computer to fix your email accounts and also send service books. Just google Bell BIS and you should find it. Create a new account.

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    10-13-10 07:13 AM
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    I recently had the same issue with another phone. The SOS mode means it cant read your sim card(assuming bell uses a sim?) so it only allows emergency calls. I would call bell and tell them whats happening, most likely theyll ship u a new sim card. ATT replaced my sim and the phone has been fine since.
    10-13-10 07:21 AM