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    Hi guys, I haven't posted here in about 6 months or so. I had the Sprint Blackberry Tour 9630 prior to my current HTC EVO 4G. Now first I must throw out the disclaimer that when it comes to phones, I tend to get bored and want something new pretty much all the time. Hence looking to switch from one of the top phones in the game to what most would widely believe is a downgrade.

    Now the reason I'm considering switching is because I can go on and on about how the HTC EVO is a great phone. It really is ridiculously awesome. My issue is for what I do most of the time (text, email, chat) my Tour did better. The email is GREAT on the EVO but it comes down to the onscreen keyboard. This one is really good but I just have this urge for that perfect keyboard that was on the Tour (besides having to hit alt + m to make a period. I have never and will never understand why it can't have it's dedicated key, and yes I know if you space it will put it in automatcally) but anyways I really want a regular keyboard for the texting which I do a lot of. What I always say is the EVO does the 10% of the things I do the majority of the time ridiculously well and the tour did the other 90% better then the EVO (minus web browsing).

    Another reason I'm considering is something I will need to ask you guys and that is how the battery life compares. Right now I'll get 16 hours which is okay with me but sometimes with heavy use it goes way down. I remember my Tour being pretty solid when it came to battery life.

    Plus the plans for AT&T seem so weird. Sprint it's just $70 for 450min unlimited nights/wkds/and any cell phone and unlimted data/text (unlimited everything the phone is capable of doing basically).

    It looks like I would have to pay $40 for the 450 min plan, $20 for ulimited text/mms, and $25 for 2gb of data so right there that's $85 for comparible albeit slightly less mins/data.

    I played with the phone in the store for about an hour today and there's things I like and things I don't. Seemed laggy at times but I didn't check if it had the latest OS version. The touchscreen seemed pretty solid though all in all. The browser is pretty solid but not as good as the EVO. The camera takes great closeup shots and just typical shots you would take. Engadget bad mouthed the **** out of the form factor but I think it's great. But I do agree with them I'd like to see a better resolution screen and a faster processor if that is what is causing the lag issues. Whether or not that would kill the battery I don't know.

    Well let me know what you guys think. I know I'm pouring a lot of info out there and I know most will be slightly biased having the phone but that's kinda what I'm looking for. Honest feedback and someone talking me into buying it cause right now I'm having a hard time doing it.
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    Tour keyboard doesn't match the 9800. Its a bit.. Different.
    The alt+m can be rectified if you click space twice.
    If you want faster texting the bold is your answer. Take note that the 9700 is not the same as the 9630. But the 9650 matches the 9630.
    9700 is the beast of battery life.

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    Aside from phone calls, I primarily use my phone for email and texting, and occasional browsing (which has become much less occasional and far more frequent since the acquisition of the Torch). I absolutely love this phone. Browsing, while not as snappy as some, is eons above earlier BB's. Battery life for me has been at least as good as my previous Bold 9000, and that's with a lot more use than the Bold ever got. And with the latest leaked OS, there is no lag.

    That 90% of the things you do that the Tour did better, I think you'll find the Torch does even better than that.

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    If messaging over a secure proprietary platform is the priority with moderate use of other features, then it would appear that the Torch meets your needs. The touchscreen capabilities are on par but also having a trackpad and a choice of a physical or virtual keyboard make for more productive and enjoyable experience. Since you have tested the Torch, you have a good basis to make a decision. I would hazard to guess that AT&T nationwide coverage is a bit better than Sprint not to mention that GSM is global. Is Sprint CDMA? I believe that it is. Fortunately, I have been with AT&T long enough to be grandfathered into the unlimited data plan for $30, and share a $20 family unlimited text plan with 700 minutes.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'm going to pick up the new Bold 9780 that just came out today. It's basically the same as the Bold 9700 but has a 5.0mp camera, 512mb ram, and the new OS6. Other then that not a whole lot different. Right now it's only available for Tmobile and using them in the past I really like them. Looks like they'll have 4g in my area here soon to (Raleigh, NC). I have 4G now with Sprint and I get consistent 2-4mb/s on it and the 3g is always at least 1mb/s. But according to their website data is really strong here and will be 4G shortly.

    I appreciate the answers from everyone. It's been a tough decision on what to do.
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