1. MetalCore's Avatar
    I bought my new Torch last night and cant transfer my memos from my old Storm to it. I already sold my storm and no longer have it, but I still have my back up file. I tried restoring my storm file onto my torch and it just messed it up and i had to factory reset it. Is there a way to get my memos from my backup file onto my torch?
    11-20-10 09:43 AM
  2. mechanic_joe's Avatar
    Have you tried using Desktop Manager version 6.0, and go to Restore

    Then select 'select device data and settings' scroll down to 'memos' , select it, then click restore. This should restore ONLY the one thing, and not try to restore all your Storm's OS5 settings into your Torch's OS6, and mess things up. Give it a shot. Good luck
    11-20-10 09:57 AM