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    planning on upgrading to torch when my upgrade is due end of feb. Ive been looking at plans. For those that already have the torch how much data would you say you would use for moderate to heavy web roaming and email and moderate to low bbm usage. I know its prob difficult to guage how much id use but wonder if 500mb is ok or do i need more. Used to have a curve which i broke a month or so but never bothered to look at how much data i was using as i had unlimited. However in UK you cant really get unlimited plans anymore.
    01-24-11 09:29 AM
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    probably worth mentioning that I will be on Wifi when I'm at home.
    01-24-11 09:33 AM
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    500MB should be plenty. I switched from my unlimited plan with ATT to the 200MB plan this year when I got my Torch. I did it because research on my usage over the last two years on my Bold 9000 didn't exceed 40MB on my busiest month.

    It has been a good move since I haven't even hit 20MB in the last three months--I also use WiFi most of the time. Doesn't your carrier have your account data usage over the last year or so available online?
    01-24-11 09:55 AM
  4. anon(49433)'s Avatar
    I'd say 500 would be good for at least your first month. Does your provider show how much data you've used the last few months? Or do you currently have some form of smartphone? Depending on your provider, you may be able to check your data usage throughout the month. If it looks like you're going over 500, buy a bigger one
    01-24-11 09:57 AM
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    Thanks guys I can now view my data usage online but never used to check and I'm on an old windows spv e659 till my upgrade cos I broke my curve. But I've got an idea now. Can't wait for my torch

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    01-24-11 12:58 PM
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    You will love ur Torch! We (my wife, sis-in-law and I) love ours!

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    01-24-11 01:02 PM
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    I have my torch since december 9th, and between december 9th and jan 8th, I used 396meg, I used max 2 hour of radio streaming and max 10 min of video streaming. Because it's my first month I usually download a lot of apps to see what I prefer and then the next month I don't use as much data as the first one.

    Remember, the thing that eat your data is radio streaming and video streaming (like youtube).

    my plan is 400 meg, am I good or what ? ;p didn't have any meter to see how much bandwith I have used, just by luck I was 4 meg under.

    download/stream the most that you can via wifi, that's what I usually do.
    01-24-11 01:14 PM
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    I too recently lowered my data plan as well down to 200MB. I wasn't going anywhere near that, but I figured I'd try it for a while before going even lower.
    01-24-11 01:43 PM
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    You can get unlimited data, I have just got it on 3.
    I get for 40 a month
    Free torch
    Blackberry Internet Service
    2000 cross network mins
    5000 texts
    5000 3 to 3 calls
    and All you can eat Data ...totally unlimited with no fair usage policy........can use blackberry as a tether and video, youtube, radio streaming without any extra to pay
    01-24-11 01:56 PM
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    I have a 2GB plan on at&t...and actually used 65% of last month. Couldn't believe I even got that close to maxing it out...pretty sure I was using pandora and slacker quite a bit. Made sure I started utilizing wifi whenever possible, which I can use at both of my jobs and at home.

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    01-24-11 02:12 PM
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    Hey gadgetqueen,

    And with that how much usage do you get through? Or do you not keep track? I'm with orange at moment and they seem to only offer 750mb max. I wonder I'd I can offer to just pay for the phone (not full retail obviously) and keep on my current deal if I comit to 24 months? I was looking at 30 a month through carphone warehouse which was 300 mins (which I won't use) unlimited text and 750 mb. I can upgrade in march on orange but would have to wait till June to move network plus I get goid coverage from orange t-mobile where I am. Do I'd like to stay with them. There are plans which offer more minutes but don't seem to offer anyore data usage on orange.

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    01-24-11 02:50 PM
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    I never really kept count, was with three before and had 1GB but never went over it mind you will probably get through more now its unlimited as I will use it as a tethered modem at work on my laptop, I have cancelled my mobile broadband with T-mobile as I don't need 2 connections.
    The thing is since the Torch is more internet friendly you may find that you want to browse or watch youtube vids more. Do Orange give you a real time usage?
    What are the penalties for going over 500Mb
    Have a read of this..scroll down a bit and it shows you what you can do on 500mb
    What does 500MB or 1GB internet actually mean? Explaining mobile data limits | Ken's Tech Tips
    01-24-11 03:14 PM
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    Thanks that's really informative. Yeah I definetly figured I would want to use net more on torch than my old curve as the new improved browser is one of main draws I don't tend to use radio (tend to listen to podcasts on my iPod) but would want to stream some video now and then and look at lots of web pages. But can do most downloading of apps at home on wifi. So I tend to think 750 might be enough but like I say on my old contract it was before all limits were bought in so I'm going to call orange and see if I can stay on it and upgrade. Thanks for all the help people. Just 5 weeks to go.

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    01-24-11 03:39 PM
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    Went on to read further and basically 750 mb is oranges "unlimited" says I won't get charged but they "could" apply restrictions. I read that as meaning as long as you don't go way over I.e maybe up to just over 1gb consistently you'd probably be allright. Weird thing is it says on orange you can use msn and IM apps however I definitely had it on my curve. Also any idea how much data is used up using bbm?

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    01-24-11 04:01 PM
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    Dunno about my touch I just upgraded last month and my touch is eating up my data fast and I'm connected to wifi at home my previous berry only got to 40-50mb a month I'm at 133mb only used for 20 days my data plan is 200mb a month WTH?
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    01-24-11 04:22 PM