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    I have the new 9800 Torch. I am trying to make a custom ring tone for my husband's incoming calls and texts. I have been able to successively add the custom ring tone for calls, but I cannot get the text message alerts with the same ring tone/alert. When I go to the contact profile it correctly displays the ring tone/alert for phone and message...but when the text comes in, it is a regular "beep" the same one I have assigned for all incoming texts. Basically, I can get the correct ring tone i want, but not a text message alert. Please help.
    08-22-10 09:28 PM
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    Try BerryBuzz.
    08-22-10 09:34 PM
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    Here is the Blackberry website that shows the exact method to change etc. Also just above you can open the PDF of the entire guide. Let me know if it works! Good luck!

    Change your ring tone, notifiers, or reminders - User Guide - BlackBerry Torch 9800 Smartphone - 6.0
    08-22-10 09:37 PM
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    Try BerryBuzz.
    I am sorry. It getting late and I wasn't paying close attention.
    08-22-10 09:39 PM
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    The bad part is that you can give a contact a specific alert, but it will be that alert for all types of notifications. You can NOT give a contact a custom ring tone and keep normal default notifications for that contact. I dont know why RIM has not addressed this in 6.0.

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    08-22-10 10:25 PM
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    I set more than two of my contacts with their own personal ringtone and own personal text message alert. Chech the format of the person's number in your contacts. It should be without the dash, i.e 2011234567 not 201-123-4567. It worked for me. At first one of my contacts personal text alert was not working then I changed the format of the number and it worked. For other contacts that I did not set, the tone and alert will be the default tone/alert set for the profile being used.

    Just change the notifier tone and keep the rest to active profile.

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    08-22-10 11:07 PM
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    Thanks Jnelle, your solution worked perfetly....I just deleted the dashes - out of my contacts phone number...
    08-23-10 05:15 AM
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    Your welcome! I have no explanation why it works this way but it does lol

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    08-23-10 06:05 AM
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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

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    08-23-10 06:06 AM
  10. Dirtysoul's Avatar
    Finally! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!! I posted this 2 weeks ago trying to get a fix, solution, answer etc.

    Works perfectly now.....I was very frustrated, but I'm good now thanks to you. Have a great week.
    08-23-10 12:11 PM
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    Finally! Thank you this worked.
    08-23-10 12:38 PM
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    Sorry I missed your post dirtysoul. Glad it's working now

    Btw u can also use the voicenotes as a txt alert. I have other people record their own name and made it as a text alert.

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    08-23-10 10:12 PM
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    I have missed so many important text from my kids because I thought it was just a regular text! I was so used to the individual contact alerts on my bold & could not figure out why they didn't transfer over. I can't thank you enough!! God Bless, Marcy
    10-22-10 09:20 PM
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    OMG I can't believe removing the - and () is the key. The problem is I am so anal about how every phone number has to be formatted like (555) 555-5555 and I have spent hours making the hundreds of contacts just so. Ugh. However I have a friend just as anal as I am and it works for him. Gonna give him a call.
    01-14-11 03:01 PM