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    Hey guys, have a few questions that hopefully you can answer.

    I'm planning on buying 5 torches in december most likely, out of contract. From what I understand, the cheapest place would be the att store since they have them for $500. I do business abroad and 4 of these phones will be gifts. What exactly should I be looking for in terms of build or problems (its not like I can come back a month from now and ask for an exchange). Is there a preferred build location (I remember for the storm2, mexico and canada were better off than hungary)?

    Secondly, if I'm buying the phone out of contract, will the warranty still be valid or is it for people on contract only? Will RIM still honor the warranty? If not, would squaretrade be a better option (remember, I need the warranty to be valid abroad)

    Also, is there any place cheaper to get the phone? I believe best buy is $550, what about costco or the like? I'd prefer to buy in store so I could check out the phones personally and make sure I'm good. I'm usually not this paranoid, never had to exchange my 8300, 9000, 9500 or 9700 (knock on wood) but I see a lot of complaints online about stuff peeling off and sliders not being smooth and all.

    Thanks a lot for the help guys!

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    10-30-10 04:05 PM
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    Hey Man
    My name is Jordan. I am a sales rep for att so I will be able to answer some of the questions for you and as a Torch 9800 user will be able to answer them with honesty. So for your first question. In terms of build it is a very solid phone. Like any other phone I would suggest getting otter box cases which are a very strong made case that protects the phones virtually from anything. Also as for any touch screen phone I would suggest screen protectors. There really is no preffered build location either. All of them are just as good as the rest. With buying the phones out of contarct there will still be a one year manufactures warrany from what I can find there would be no reason it would be voided. Just make sure you get a copy of the invoice for each phone and distribute it appropriately. As for cheaprer to purchase them out right the store is probably the cheapest place to order get them. Just a prewarning I would call into the store before hand and tell them you are planning on buying 5 of them out right. Any other questions feel free to get a hold of me.
    Jordan Vail
    Advanced Technologies
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    10-30-10 05:20 PM
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    Thanks a lot for your quick response. Really appreciate it!

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    10-31-10 10:36 AM
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    No problem if you have any other questions feel free to shoot me a message
    11-01-10 12:14 PM