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    first of which is the most annoying of all...I have (some) duplicate contact entries and some are even joined with other contact info. what i mean is 2 contacts have merged together. so the 2nd phone number in the contact entry isnt who it says it is.

    and second, is when I go into the 'contacts' "app" and look into a contact entry and under "Recent Activity" it shows the recent texts and call log. But it displays a recent text that I have with a totally different person!

    whats going on here....from my research, regarding the 1st issue about the duplicate entries is that it has to do with syncing with 3rd party software. I have twitter(i doubt this is the case), Facebook and Windows Live Messenger, and as far as emails without apps, Gmail, and YMail. I just unchecked the synchronize contacts for GMail.

    but whats up with the 2nd issue?

    How do I fix this?! I only had this problem when I switched from my 9000 to 9800/os6.

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