1. dannychoi13's Avatar
    There are two contact lists on the Blackberry Torch. One is called default and the other one is called unknown. I didn't realize that there was an "unknown" contact list on my blackberry so when I added contacts I added them to default.

    Now I have part of my contacts under Default and the rest under Unknown. My computer will only sync with the Default contact list. Does anyone know how to bring the Unknown contacts into the Default contact list???
    10-17-10 10:14 PM
  2. wrose's Avatar
    I have an idea I used....While I was upgrading a buddy's Bold 9650 to a bootlegged 6.0 I noticed he had a program installed "Blackbook". After my update was complete I asked him about it and while show me the program I realized this was not needed for me but for one thing....With this program installed you can import all your contacts from your desktop or default and all unknown contact list into Blackbook. Once you have completed this process you will then export the contacts from Blackbook back to you address book. Magically all of your contacts from all the different contact list are now back into your default or desktop contact list...disclaimers: please backup your BB before tackling this process and it worked for me but might not work for you. You can find this program on the Crackberry App Store. Good luck!
    11-14-10 05:47 PM