1. sazza85's Avatar
    I don't quite know if anyone has seen/noticed any of this but there are some REALLY conflicting dates on when SIM free torch's will be available in the UK.

    Play.com is saying that it is available from the 24th October
    BlackBerry Torch 9800 Sim Free / Unlocked / Touch Screen Mobile Phone - Mobiles at Play.com (UK)

    eXpansys.com is saying 2nd October
    RIM® BlackBerry 9800 Torch (Black, QWERTY) #PRD-27603-044 - eXpansys UK

    and handtech.co.uk are expecting stock in on the 24th September!
    Buy BlackBerry Torch 9800 Smartphone (SIM Free/Unlocked) Reviews

    I wonder if handtech will really get them in on the 24th September as this would mean that it would be available to buy as SIM free prior to vodafone releasing it possibly on/around the 27th September.
    09-20-10 04:34 PM
  2. els822's Avatar
    well vodafone still say they will be delivering to me from 27th with a minimum of 2 days for delivery
    meaning they would have stock from the 24th Sep (taking Sunday as a non-working day) or the 25th, but these are contract phones not sim free

    so i would take the handtech one with a pinch of salt

    im praying my torch shows up next monday
    cant wait to get my hands on it
    09-20-10 04:48 PM