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    I'm a newbie who needs help, please! I'm so confused.... We want to buy two Torch 9810 phones (used), as our first step from dumbphone to smartphone users. And we're switching to Consumer Cellular from T-too-expensive-Mobile. I've read that you can reconfigure Blackberry phones to work with the Consumer Cellular data plan, one's own home wireless network, and Wi-Fi hotspots. Then again, I've read that there's no way in he** that a person can do all of that, or some of that. Because you absolutely "have" to be on a Blackberry data plan.

    Arrggghh! Which is it? These phones are unlocked, and were originally AT&T phones. Consumer Cellular tells you that they have a 95% "success rate" with unlocked AT&T phones in getting 100% functionality. And that if you don't get it, they can walk you through the steps to re-set your phone. I'm not "afraid" of reconfiguring these phones--if it can be done.

    We really need new phones and we really want these 9810 units, but don't want to be stuck with phones with limited functioning that can't be re-worked to full functioning.

    12-25-13 05:27 PM
  2. Lendo's Avatar
    That is a tough one. The best part about the legacy devices was the BIS plans with the data compression. It allowed greater usage without the larger data plans.
    12-25-13 10:58 PM

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