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    downloaded it yesterday and love it(mostly), I almost didn't buy the torch because it did not come with the today theme like my old curve did. Love it so far and I don't know if this is the place to post what I feel are bugs with it but here we go! BTW-All of these issue are in portrait mode and all work fine when i tilt and i am in landscape, but that is not how I always hold my phone...

    1. When you scroll down you get locked at the second message on your calendar and cant scroll down to the 4 icons or the other 2 calendar dates it shows

    2. When you scroll up it stops at the "Messages" header and wont let you scroll up to the "weather app slot" or sound icon

    3. I have my inbox set up to show text messages as well as email, but when i get a test I dont get the preview like I do for email.

    it has been less than a day and that's what I got for now, but I am so happy with the torch between the theme and .246, it is a completely different phone that the one I bought 4 weeks ago!!!
    09-30-10 05:46 PM